Work Studio Renovation

Work Studio Renovation

It may not be perfect but it's perfect for me.  The small red barn that sits just across from our kitchen window view has always looked like an opportunity to me. I could picture it fixed up, painted inside, little white twinkle lights. Very romantic visions for a Water and Main Studio.

I've been using it for years for storage but over the last few years it has further deteriorated. It needed a new roof (huge hole), barn doors were not attached so they couldn't slide to close properly, dirt floor with lots of tree roots finding their way throughout, definitely not airtight from outside intruders (any animal who lives outside), cracks in the walls and rot made it easy for the elements to get inside the building. The list goes on.

As with most projects or pieces. I see the potential but the timing isn't always right. It's like when I see a chair with great lines but horrible fabric (it just needs a facelift) or an adorable pine cottage bureau (the paint just needs to be stripped and the knobs need to be repaired).  Apparently, I like to create more work for myself.

This summer the barn project finally rose to the top of the list and I began to check off the to do list.  The roof is now brand new and the barn doors are back on their tracks. New fascia boards have been installed but need to be painted and sealed. The walls are single barn boards and will need some batten boards between them to cover some of the cracks/spaces. And the roots will have to be dug up and a floor created (concrete? pressure treated lumber?). I certainly have a ways to go but when the little white lights go up I'll celebrate. I saw the potential. Stay tuned to watch my progress.

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