Decorating for the holidays.  Fun or stressful?  

I don't feel the pressure of having the outside of my home look all decked out, maybe because I don't live in a neighborhood, but I do feel the pressure of having the inside of my home look festive and represent our relaxed family vibe.

The place I always start with, is with a collection and for some reason this just works for me. Could be because I hoard collections of white - ironstone, enamelware, porcelain or collections of silver - hotel, nickel, monogrammed or any other of my numberous, must have it, too good to pass up finds. My closets and barn are filled with these goodies that float in and out of our home depending on the event, the holiday and the season.

Although, I am not decked out yet I have my base. Taking a group of my white pieces: pitchers, West Elm vases and antique vessels and putting them on a table together is so much more impactful than having them scattered around the house. Trimming the boxwoods and pines outside is a good place to start. Putting a few in each container, adding holly, bittersweet, eucalyptus and possibly a miniature wreath might end up completing this display. Not exactly sure what the end result will be but that's the fun of it not the stress of it.  

So many different ways to decorate for the holidays.  Share your ideas, your hacks or things to avoid!  Next up . . . how to display the holiday cards? Always a challenge.

All the best,



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