Vintage Home Furniture

From American flags to farm tables, at Water and Main we curate a mix of vintage home furnishings with new one-of-a-kind pieces. 

Finding the Find

We value authenticity in people and pieces so we dig through barns and travel on back roads to find the undiscovered. We meet people, hear their stories, and share what we've found.

Antiques and Design

We are passionate about history and preservation but design is not one dimensional.

Finding the balance of vintage and modern is important to us. We always hope to preserve original details but we are not purists. Mixing new, original art with a vintage butlers desk and new lighting is a more interesting story and true to how we live in a modern world.

A vintage lifestyle is about using antique pieces in a modern way that enrich your lifestyle. Using heritage pieces, like your grandmothers china, every day not just on special occasions. 

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