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Water & Main is a unique resource for home furnishings. We carry pieces that have clean lines, a classic  look and a vintage coastal style. We mix the old, because we love one-of-a-kind pieces, with the new, because we love fresh and original designs.  Surround yourself with pieces you love and you'll be inspired.

Cecilia Walker pillows in exclusive "Half Pipe" Design
Cecilia Walker Half-Pipe pillows in Tangerine
Cecilia Walker Royal Boulevard pillow in Green
Cecilia Walker Bradley Road pillow in Green

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Heading Home

Heading Home

Heading Home's mission is to end homelessness in greater Boston. For people in the design community what a wonderful organization to partner with.  

Here we are (I put myself in that category loosely) a group of people who are passionate about making people feel comfortable in their homes. We pride ourselves on being able to create a place that reflects you, your travels, your values, your family.  Can you imagine not having a place to call your own?

The Heading Home organization hosts many wonderful events in and around Boston but this week they've joined forces with the design community of Boston to celebrate with Heading Home to Dinner. 

"Heading Home to Dinner is Boston’s first “dine by design” event where members of the Boston design community create dinner table and bar cart designs, that are auctioned off in effort to help our neighbors in need."

Heading Home has partnered with New England Home Magazine and Jamestown Properties for this 3 day event where people can buy tickets to view these inspirational designs, enjoy cocktails and dinner.  Come out and celebrate this wonderful organization!

For tickets go to  //

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A new look for Water and Main

A new look for Water and Main

I love finding hidden away antique shops, going to auctions, meeting people who are creating products and goods and hearing all of their stories.  That is the most interesting part of what I do.

Now that we've redesigned our website I'm hoping to be able to bring you more interesting content, current stories featuring sharp business owners, more inspiring photography, and inventory that is vintage as well as my own new designs. 

So take a look our website with fresh eyes and be prepared to stop back as it will continue to change and grow as we do!

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Brimfield or Bust

Brimfield or Bust

What a fantastic week it was exhibiting at the Brimfield Antiques Show.

I've been a frequent shopper of Brimfield for many years and always wondered what it would be like to be on the other side of things. A seller for the week not a buyer for the week. I was worried that I wouldn't get to "pick" and I wouldn't get the good finds first. What I didn't fully realize what that I just had to change my expectation.

The week began with my family helping me load and unload a twenty foot U-Haul and pick up truck. Back breaking but had to be done none-the-less. This was followed by two full days of setting up my goods and styling my pieces so that it felt more like a shop than a tent on Sheltons field. Now is when it gets good. The next seven days were spent telling people my story, how Water and Main began and how much I love doing what I do, hearing what people were looking for and meeting people and hearing their own stories.

My worry of not being the first one on the field to shop quickly diminished when I met the cool dealers exhibiting around me (Nina, Carmella, Susan, Julie, Andrea and Kevin), when I met shop owners who were looking for pieces to stage their stores with, when I met people that I follow and who follow me on Instagram - how crazy is that! When I met customers who come to Brimfield every year with their best friends and spouses because it's just a fun way to spend the day with friends. 

Brimfield is a wonderful place to shop but it's also a fantastic melting pot of people with different backgrounds and lots of great stories to share.  I'm hooked and I still came home with a few goodies.

A big thank you to my best girlfriends who came to Brimfield to support me, help me move furniture and spend the day with me in my booth. Cec, Diana and Sarah - you are awesome!

I'll be exhibiting there again this September 5th - 10th, on Shelton's Field in the same spot. Booth B66.

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