South Africa Travel Inspiration

South Africa Travel Inspiration

Looking back at my business in 2018 I definitely had some highlights. One of them being the opportunity to travel to South Africa with the guidance of Mally Skok (@mallyskok) Adam Japko (@adamjapko) and Julia Naughton from @african_leisure_safaris  Having no expectations and traveling with 16 other people, many of them strangers, was a thrilling experience.

This trip came into my life at a time when I was looking for some adventure and inspiration and boy did I get that. Upon arriving in Cape Town we spent the first three days getting to know this vibrant city through hiking Signal Mountain, eating at amazing restaurants like Hemelhuis, cocktails on the roof top of the luxury Silo Hotel and shopping at local hot spots like Mr. Chandlers House where Michael Chandler creates amazing one of kind tiles and pottery as well as showcases emerging artists in his space. I could go on and on about each of these experiences, especially listening to Michael talk about how he found his inspiration through shards of antique pottery that eventually led him to pursue his passion. 

In addition to all of the shopping, we were able to experience South African wine country and visit Adams favorite wineries. Meeting Adi Badenhorst ( was a highlight. Their family winery in the Swartlands of South Africa was an amazing place where we were able to share a meal, take in the incredible mountain views, chat in their kitchen while they made homemade crackers. The experience was authentic, stunning and delicious.

We also browsed art galleries and shopped at home design stores like Pezula Interiors. ( My new favorite shop. Camilla and her husband Steven have created an amazing aesthetic with their curated pieces which include, botanical prints, unique baskets, custom upholstered pieces and many accessories.  Stepping into this shop you immediately get their clean vibe layered with unusual pieces of their own design. I was completely inspired to refurnish my entire home. I'm always inspired by others in the interiors business who have created a great brand and they have done just that.  

The inspiration I found through this trip was amazing and has certainly inspired me to take my business to new levels in 2019. If your not sure about where you're headed I encourage you to take a trip. There is nothing like meeting new people, having a conversation over a glass of wine and stepping outside of the box to move the needle forward and change your perspective.

Looking ahead I'm focusing on more Water and Main designed product and more one-of-a-kind pieces vintage and new. More changes to my website, more collaborations and pop-up events at brick and mortar locations.   









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