You can hang wallpaper but follow the rules!

You can hang wallpaper but follow the rules!

I just cannot help myself. I am a "do-it-yourselfer" and I am finally coming clean.  I love DIY.

I love the satisfaction and feeling of accomplishment that I get out of painting a room or repairing a piece of furniture. The moment I hear someone say "you can't" my reaction is to say "I'll definitley do it".  The problem is that I then have a paintbrush in my hand at 11:30 at night and I'm cursing the fact that I didn't properly tape the room off and now I just want it to be done.  That's the pattern so why should it be any different when I want my tiny foyer to have wallpaper in it but I want it done immediately.

So, I decided to do it myself and because of this I wanted to pass some lessons on to other do-it-yourselfers in case they are interested in doing a wallpaper project before the holidays.

1. Measure. Really. I measure furniture and spaces all the time but I am a bit lose with those numbers . . . about 9 feet or approximately 5 x 7.  This does not make for a good wallpaper installer. Measure accurately and leave two extra inches on each side.

2. Start with the right tools and maybe double them. I had the scissors, exacto knife and squeegee-like tools but the wallpaper paste sticks. As much as I cleaned the tools off it is still a messy process (The video's make it look like the paper magically adheres). Start with an extra exacto knife on hand - I found that to be my most useful tool.

3. Don't worry about waste. I know these things are obvious but I don't like to waste and I want to move quickly.  I attempted to use some of the smaller pieces I had cut away and the wall just ended up looking messy. Use the entire sheet so that it looks smooth even if it is a small corner and you have to cut away 3/4th of the paper. Do it!

4. You actually can do it if you have the time. This is not rocket science. It's time and patience and with that anything is possible. Kids will be home soon, many other things on the list need to get done. You know the drill. I did try to rush my way through it and as it turns out I have one more piece to redo because of that but I'm super proud of myself for trying and it's a foyer not a family room.

My husband came home from a business trip and asked who I had used to wallpaper the foyer (a room very low on the its of priorities as far as projects go). The lights were dim so he couldn't see the air bubbles around the light switch, but I was more than happy to tell him that I had done it myself.

Thanks a million to Cecilia Walker of Cecilia Walker Designs for her gorgeous Calisole wallpaper that makes me so happy every time I look at it.

If you have any real life wallpapering tips to share please pass them along.  I'm sure this will not be the end of my wallpapering projects.

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