This incredible antique Zanzibar trunk is from the 19th century.  This African trunk is made from hardwood and most of the case is studded with brass decoration.  These trunks were originally used by traders along the Anglo-Indian shipping route.  Trunks were often full of exotic goods, spices, silks or gems.  They were Individually decorated and kept polished so owners could keep an eye on them from a distance.  This particular piece has three drawers in the front with one of the drawers missing a handle.  I purchased this piece from a man whose sister was a renegade for her time. This woman worked for the foreign services and traveled the world in the fifty's and sixty's. She was a pioneer who traveled to the front lines of Vietnam and brought back treasures from wherever she went. In her later years she hosted veterans at her home when they sought refuge.  This amazing piece was part of her collection and is not a reproduction. Contact me at for a shipping quote.
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